Future Card Buddyfight Fanon Wiki

5/26/2020: Beastbot has been released! A Special Project is now in progress!
5/11/2020: Memory Dragon has been released.
4/27/2020: Thunderbolt has been released.
4/8/2020: Maganimal, Maganimal Masters, and Demonix has been released.
4/1/2020: The "Barbatos" archetype has been released. Check out two example deck profiles on the Fanmade Decks tab.
3/19/2020: Zeos Dragon has been released.
2/22/2020: Fighting Dragonforce has been released.
1/10/2020: The Sun and Moon have been taken control by the vengeful clone of Taiga Mikado, now named "AGITΩ". The Shining Sun and The Malevolent Moon are revealed.
1/1/2020: Shining War Dragon, Barbatos was released.
11/24/2019: Dark Light Dragon has been released.
8/15/2019: Soul Gladiators has obtained Wave 2 Support. Also released Awakened Deity Dragon, Systemic Dagger Gardragon
8/4/2019: Valkyria has been released
7/4/2019: Dragtech has been released
6/20/2019: Voidwalker has been released.
6/6/2019: Witches have been released.
5/19/2019: Black Hole Dragon has obtained Wave 2 Support. Souldragon Requiem has been released.
5/2/2019: Moon Dragons has obtained Wave 2 Support.
4/21/2019: Dark Dragon Crusaders have been released.
4/11/2019: World Hunters has obtained Wave 2 Support.
3/21/2019: Shooting Star Knights has been released
3/1/2019: Musical Dragon Troupe has obtained Wave 2 Support