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Quality Cleanup

Basically What this is just a general upkeeping of the wiki, more categorization. Pages with no information or basically pages practically empty. Just help organize and clean up the wiki. With pages with lack of content, A notification will be sent to the page's creator to see the status of said page so there aren't just filler buffer pages Around.


Already been discussed some but the general purpose is to promote user's works. Currently only Cards and Worlds are going to have features. Users submit pages for consideration if they meet requirements and then wiki users vote for their favorite one via a poll. More features could be added but only when other potential categories have a substancial amount of variety in content in order to do so.

Updated Rules & Help Pages

Currently the rules idk where it even is and dont think it can be accessed. OF course there is common sense and typical rules for fanon wikias and wikias in general. But it would be nice and helpful to have an actual rules list.

Help pages basically giving a guide to users on how to create the content for the wiki, from Worlds, Archetypes, Attributes, Cards, Fanfics & Characters. And just advice, maybe even have be like Workshops kind of idea promote help and creativity.

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