War Deity of Relentless Destruction, Azi Dahaka
English War Deity of Relentless Destruction, Azi Dahaka
Kana 執拗な破壊、味Dahakaの戦争の神
Romaji Shitsuyōna hakai,-mi Dahaka no sensō no kami
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 4
Power / Critical / Defense 15000 / 3 / 12000
Attribute Dragon / Deity

During war, he's known as a deity. It's because of that he disrupts peace.


This card is also regarded as 'Demonic Demise Dragon, Azi Dahaka'. [Put a card from your field into the drop zone and pay 4 gauge.]
"Beginning of War" When this card deals damage to your opponent, choose a card in your opponent's gauge and hand and place the, in the drop zone.
When this card is destroyed, search your hand or deck for a "Demonic Demise Sword, Aqulta Gwaneff" and equip it. If you searched your deck, shuffle it.

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