Weapon of miracle vision, Plan Bow
English Weapon of miracle vision, Plan Bow
World Formation World
Card Type Item
Power / Critical 4000 / 1
Attribute Weapon / Miracle / Plan / Bow

I see stars at night... almighty surely created them...


Counter Act "Planned Shoot" If you are under attack you may pay 3 gauge. Destroy all size 1 or less monsters on your opponents field and, you gain 1 life! You may only use "Planned Shoot" once per turn. Act "Miracle Planning!" If you have 3 or more monsters on your field you may discard 1 <<Planning Hero>> monster from your hand. If you do for this turn this card can attack even if there is a monster in your center and, for this turn this card gets "Penetrate"! You may only use "Miracle Planning!" once per turn.

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