Werewolf Dragon, Xander
狼男竜 ザンダー
English Werewolf Dragon, Xander
Kanji 狼男竜 ザンダー
Kana おうかみおとこりゅう ザンダー
Romaji Ōkami-otokoryū Zandā
World Darkness Dragon World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense X000 / 1 / 4000
Attribute Darkvenom Dragon (NX)

Your misfortune is my pleasure.


[Call Cost] [Pay 3 life]
When this monster attacks, this monster gains Power equal to the number of your opponent's cards in the drop zone x 1000 until end of turn.
When this monster's attack deals damage, call a card not named "Werewolf Dragon, Xander" from your drop zone on top of this card.

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