White Celestial Warrior, Angeline
English White Celestial Warrior, Angeline
World Force World
Card Type Monster
Size 3
Power / Critical / Defense 8000 / 1 / 14000
Attribute Divine Force Warrior / Light

The turns go by as long as defense is high... let's finish this -- at some point!


[Call Cost: Pay 3 Gauge and, put a card from your hand in this cards soul.] Auto "Memory of the Heavenly Descender" When this card is destroyed, draw 1 card! Auto "Veil of Heavenly Awakening" As long as this card is on your field, all size 2 or less monsters on your field become size 0s! Auto "Defense of Heavenly Stance" Nullify the [Penetrate] and, "Shadow Dive" of all cards on your opponent's field! [Soul Guard] [Divine Force]

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