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WBT01: World Stage

Japanese Name:ワールド ステージ



Wārudo sutēji

Release Date:

When Hatsune Miku becomes the President of the USA

Previous Set:

Zpecial Booster Set 2: Reality against Fantasy

Next Set:

Wikia Booster Set 2: Escape From the Hollowed Stasis

"World Stage" is the 3rd Booster Set released in both the Japanese and English formats. It is Fanon equivalent to the H sets.


  • Contains 105 cards (1 BR/8 RRR/12 RR/24 R/30 UC/30 C) + 12 SP.
  • Introduces Diva World, Infinite World and Ancient World (Fanon)
  • Includes further support for Amazing World
  • Each booster contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely being R or greater.
  • Each English display includes a pack containing Flag cards for Diva World.

Confirmed Cards

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
WBT01/0001 Queen of The World, Miku Monster Diva World RRR
WBT01/0002 Empress of the World, Luka Monster Diva World RRR
WBT01/0003 Mega Sexy Idol, Marie Monster Diva World RRR+SP
WBT01/0004 Infinity Angel, Michael Monster Infinite World RRR
WBT01/0005 Infinite Dino, Xeno Monster Infinite World RRR
WBT01/0006 Amazing Professor, Original Prof Monster Amazing World RRR
WBT01/0007 Amazing Akatsuki, Prof Monster Amazing World RRR
WBT01/0008 Supreme Dragon Exceed, Trancedent Messiah Dragon Monster Ancient World (Fanon) RRR
WBT01/0009 Daughter of Evil, Rin Monster Diva World RR
WBT01/0010 Book Savvy, Len Monster Diva World RR
WBT01/0011 The World is Our Stage!! Impact Diva World RR
WBT01/0012 Infinite Fairy, Sophia Monster Infinite World RR
WBT01/0013 Infinite Dino, Tyranno Monster Infinite World RR
WBT01/0014 Infinity Angel, Mitch Monster Infinite World RR
WBT01/0015 Amazing Unamused Prof Monster Amazing World RR
WBT01/0016 The One, The Only, The Amazing Prof Monster Amazing World RR
WBT01/0017 Super Ultimate Mega Amazing Professors Finale Impact Amazing World RR
WBT01/0018 Exalted Lord of Abyssal Force, Leviagrus Monster Ancient World (Fanon) RR
WBT01/0019 Deep Green Dragon, Florax Monster Ancient World (Fanon) RR
WBT01/0020 Primal Dragons Uprising Spell Ancient World (Fanon) RR
WBT01/0021 Mega Pop Idol, Miku Monster Diva World R
WBT01/0022 Party Pink, Miku Monster Diva World R
WBT01/0023 Servent of Evil, Len Monster Diva World R
WBT01/0024 Son of Evil, Len Monster Diva World R
WBT01/0025 This is my First Concert Spell Diva World R
WBT01/0026 I Grabbed the Wrong Costume!! Spell Diva World R
WBT01/0027 The Mic of Center Stage Item Diva World R
WBT01/0028 Infinite Dino, Spino Monster Infinite World R
WBT01/0029 Infinity Angel, Keith Monster Infinite World R
WBT01/0030 Infinite Dino, Nodo Monster Infinite World R
WBT01/0031 Infinite Dino, Ankylo Monster Infinite World R
WBT01/0032 Infinite Fairy, Julia Monster Infinite World R
WBT01/0033 Scavenging Spell Infinite World R
WBT01/0034 Angel's Restoration Spell Infinite World R
WBT01/0035 Amazing Women Prof Monster Amazing World R
WBT01/0036 Amazing Prof is Late Monster Amazing World R
WBT01/0037 Amazing WTH, Prof Monster Amazing World R
WBT01/0038 Amazing Troll, Prof Monster Amazing World R
WBT01/0039 Amazing Blademaster, Prof Monster Amazing World R
WBT01/0040 The Amazing Sword That Cuts Through Darkness Item Amazing World R
WBT01/0041 Amazing Sword, Thunder Sword Item Amazing World R
WBT01/0042 Lord of Savage tides, Leviagrus Monster Ancient World (Fanon) R
WBT01/0043 Lord of Frozen Waters, Leviagrus Monster Ancient World (Fanon) R
WBT01/0044 Sacred Aura, Exalted Dragons' Counterattack! Impact Ancient World (Fanon) R
WBT01/0045 Left Side of the Idol Duo, Len Monster Diva World UC
WBT01/0046 Right Side of The Idol Duo, Rin Monster Diva World UC
WBT01/0047 Flower Girl, Luka Monster Diva World UC
WBT01/0048 Encore! Spell Diva World UC
WBT01/0049 Original Sin Spell Diva World UC
WBT01/0050 Live Concert!! Spell Diva World UC
WBT01/0051 Mega Idol Weapon, Mikus Leek Item Diva World UC
WBT01/0052 Mega Idol Weapon, Tako Luka Item Diva World UC
WBT01/0053 Meganoise Microphone Item Diva World UC
WBT01/0054 Infinity Angel, Matthew Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0055 Infinity Angel, Mark Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0056 Infinity Angel, Luke Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0057 Infinity Angel, John Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0058 Infinite Dino, Tarbo Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0059 Infinite Fairy, Tabitha Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0060 Infinite Fairy, Katherine Monster Infinite World UC
WBT01/0061 Fairy Counter Spell Infinite World UC
WBT01/0062 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0063 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0064 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0065 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0066 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0067 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0068 Amazing World UC
WBT01/0069 Amazing Starlight Burst Spell Amazing World UC
WBT01/0070 Diamond Edge dragon, Crystine Monster Ancient World (Fanon) UC
WBT01/0071 Swift Cut dragon, Fastera Monster Ancient World (Fanon) UC
WBT01/0072 Sacred Dragon Tool, Dracoscepter Item Ancient World (Fanon) UC
WBT01/0073 Dragons blessing Spell Ancient World (Fanon) UC
WBT01/0074 Sacred Wrath Aura Spell Ancient World (Fanon) UC
WBT01/0075 Forgotten Singer, Piko Monster Diva World C
WBT01/0076 Schoolgirl, Luka Monster Diva World C
WBT01/0077 Original Sinner, Miku Monster Diva World C
WBT01/0078 Servant Of Evil Princess, Len Monster Diva World C
WBT01/0079 The Black Princess, Rin Monster Diva World C
WBT01/0080 Live Concert ~! Let's Go~! Spell Diva World C
WBT01/0081 Mass Media Sensation Spell Diva World C
WBT01/0082 Miku-Miku Ni Shige Ageru~♪ Impact Diva World C
WBT01/0083 Infinite Dino, Glypto Monster Infinite World C
WBT01/0084 Infinite Dino, Einio Monster Infinite World C
WBT01/0085 Infinite Fairy, Maria Monster Infinite World C
WBT01/0086 Infinite Sword, Eternal Blade Item Infinite World C
WBT01/0087 Infinite Sword, Forever Item Infinite World C
WBT01/0088 Recovery Tactics Spell Infinite World C
WBT01/0089 Unyielding Tempest Spell Infinite World C
WBT01/0090 Armor of Immortality Spell Infinite World C
WBT01/0091 Amazingly Generic, Prof Monster Amazing World C
WBT01/0092 Amazingly Bland, Prof Monster Amazing World C
WBT01/0093 Amazing World C
WBT01/0094 Amazing World C
WBT01/0095 Amazing End Setting Sun Spell Amazing World C
WBT01/0096 Amazing At Nightime Spell Amazing World C
WBT01/0097 Amazing Beginning, Rising Sun Spell Amazing World C
WBT01/0098 Thunder crack dragon, Tempestuous Monster Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0099 Blazing forge dragon, Surta Monster Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0100 Solid Steel Dragon, Alimuwall Monster Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0101 Savage Armor, Leviagrus Sword Item Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0102 Ancient aura Spell Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0103 Primal Rage Aura Spell Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0104 Sacred Scales of Dragon God Spell Ancient World (Fanon) C
WBT01/0105 Liberation Knights, War Cleric Labrys Monster Tachyon World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Diva World 29
Ancient World 10 6 2 1 19
Infinite World 20 6 2 0 28
Amazing World 28
Tachyon World 1 0 0 0 1