WBT02: Escape From the Hollowed Stasis

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Chūkū sutashisu Kara dasshutsu


The Journey of Liberation

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"Escape From the Hollowed Stasis" is the 4th Booster Set released in both the Japanese and English formats. It is Fanon equivalent to the H sets.


  • Each booster contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely being R or greater.
  • Each English display includes a pack containing Flag cards for Crystal World, Light Gliding World, and Chicken World

Confirmed Cards

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
WBT02/0001 Super Tachyon, Labrys of Loving Heart Monster Tachyon World RRR+SP
WBT02/0002 Liberation Knights Leader, Omniverse Heart Dragon Monster Tachyon World RRR
WBT02/0003 11th Hen, Rockstar Monster Chicken World RRR
WBT02/0004 Food Call! Spell Chicken World RRR+SP
WBT02/0005 Gem-ini Commander, Lapis Lazuli Monster Crystal World RRR+SP
WBT02/0006 Mining Laser, Land Ender Monster Crystal World RRR
WBT02/0007 Light Glider Leader, Edwin Monster Light Gliding World RRR
WBT02/0008 Light Cloud Wings Item Light Gliding World RRR+SP
WBT02/0009 Liberation Knights, Great Nurse Doll Monster Tachyon World RR+SP
WBT02/0010 Liberation Knights Second in Command, Guardian Fira Monster Tachyon World RR
WBT02/0011 Liberation Knights, Purple Heart Monster Tachyon World RR
WBT02/0012 3rd Hen, Pamela Monster Chicken World RR+SP
WBT02/0013 Jubi's, Cocoa's and Rubie's fun day Spell Chicken World RR
WBT02/0014 Rooster Costume Item Chicken World RR+SP
WBT02/0015 Gem-ini Twin, Lapis Monster Crystal World RR
WBT02/0016 Shining Lustrous, Emerald Knight Monster Crystal World RR+SP
WBT02/0017 Luminous Gem-Commander, Aquamarine Monster Crystal World RR
WBT02/0018 Light Glider Magician Monster Light Gliding World RR+SP
WBT02/0019 Light Glider Medic Monster Light Gliding World RR+SP
WBT02/0020 Cloud Scroll Spell Light Gliding World RR
WBT02/0021 Liberation Knights, War Cleric Labrys Monster Tachyon World R+SP
WBT02/0022 Support Unit 08, Amazing Professor Monster Tachyon World R
WBT02/0023 Liberation Knights, Revolution Phoenix Monster Tachyon World R
WBT02/0024 Charge to Freedom Spell Tachyon World R
WBT02/0025 Henrys Returning Shield Spell Chicken World R
WBT02/0026 Thousands Of Sacred Eternal Healing Of Rooster Crows Spell Chicken World R
WBT02/0027 Liveyo Attacks Your Opponent's Monsters! Spell Chicken World R
WBT02/0028 1st Rooster Henry's Speech About How To Be Too Cute.... Spell Chicken World R
WBT02/0029 Henrys Invention! Cute Impact! Impact Chicken World R
WBT02/0030 Liveyo's Invention! Angry Impact! Impact Chicken World R
WBT02/0031 Princess of the Inhumans, Crystal Monster Crystal World R+SP
WBT02/0032 Destroyer, Mining Drill Monster Crystal World R
WBT02/0033 Gem-ini Twin, Lazuli Monster Crystal World R
WBT02/0034 Refined Jewel, Diamond Monster Crystal World R
WBT02/0035 Giant Crystal Stalagtite Spell Crystal World R
WBT02/0036 Crystal Dragon, Clarity Laser!! Impact Crystal World R
WBT02/0037 Light Glider, Ava Monster Light Gliding World R
WBT02/0038 Light Glider, Hannah Monster Light Gliding World R
WBT02/0039 Light Glider, Melody Monster Light Gliding World R
WBT02/0040 Light Glider, Cloud Monster Light Gliding World R
WBT02/0041 Sky Scroll Spell Light Gliding World R
WBT02/0042 Shining Light Bow Item Light Gliding World R
WBT02/0043 Support Unit 07, Tachyon Arachnoid Stinger Monster Tachyon World UC
WBT02/0044 Liberation Knights, Speed Run Soldier Monster Tachyon World UC
WBT02/0045 Liberation Knights, Sharp Needle Dragon Monster Tachyon World UC
WBT02/0046 Liberation Knights, Sunshine Eagle Dragon Monster Tachyon World UC
WBT02/0047 Freedom to Protect Spell Tachyon World UC
WBT02/0048 Support Hen, Naomi Monster Chicken World UC
WBT02/0049 1st Rooster, Henry Monster Chicken World UC
WBT02/0050 1st Baby Chicken, Jubi Monster Chicken World UC
WBT02/0051 1st Hen, Chicky Monster Chicken World UC
WBT02/0052 Chicky Is Trying To Escape the pen... Spell Chicken World UC
WBT02/0053 Feed Reduces Damage! In this world it does at least Spell Chicken World UC
WBT02/0054 Feeds Repeating Defense Spell Chicken World UC
WBT02/0055 Egg Costume Item Chicken World UC
WBT02/0056 Dirt Dropping Dump Truck Monster Crystal World UC
WBT02/0057 Ore Scoopin Crane Truck Monster Crystal World UC
WBT02/0058 Debris Shovelin Excavator Monster Crystal World UC
WBT02/0059 Shining Beauty, Pearl Monster Crystal World UC
WBT02/0060 Gem Polishing Spell Crystal World UC
WBT02/0061 Mining Laws Spell Crystal World UC
WBT02/0062 Crystal Guard Shield Spell Crystal World UC
WBT02/0063 Gem Crafting Magical Wand Item Crystal World UC
WBT02/0064 Light Glider, Willow Monster Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0065 Light Glider Paladin Monster Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0066 Light Glider, Dante Monster Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0067 Light Glider, Samantha Monster Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0068 Light Power Strength Spell Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0069 Light Protection Defense Spell Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0070 Glowing Cloud Shield Spell Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0071 Light Cloud Shield Spell Light Gliding World UC
WBT02/0072 Liberation Knights, Stealth Drake Monster Tachyon World C
WBT02/0073 Liberation Knights, Shield Drake Monster Tachyon World C
WBT02/0074 Liberation Knights, Sword Drake Monster Tachyon World C
WBT02/0075 Liberation Knights, Mad Rush Boxer Monster Tachyon World C
WBT02/0076 Phason Field Spell Tachyon World C
WBT02/0077 The Heart and Soul Needed to Break the Shackles Spell Tachyon World C
WBT02/0078 2nd Hen, Naomi Monster Chicken World C
WBT02/0079 4th Hen, Sara Monster Chicken World C
WBT02/0080 2nd Baby Chicken, Cocoa Monster Chicken World C
WBT02/0081 3rd Baby Chicken, Ruby Monster Chicken World C
WBT02/0082 Master Hen Spell Chicken World C
WBT02/0083 Master Rooster Spell Chicken World C
WBT02/0084 Divine Chicken Bawking Spell Chicken World C
WBT02/0085 Rooster Healing Of Henrys Cute Eyes Spell Chicken World C
WBT02/0086 Chickens Eating Feed Spell Chicken World C
WBT02/0087 Material Casement, Cement Mixer Monster Crystal World C
WBT02/0088 Heavy Haulin Bulldozer Monster Crystal World C
WBT02/0089 Fighter With the Eye of the Flame, Ruby Monster Crystal World C
WBT02/0090 Navigator of the Seas, Sapphire Monster Crystal World C
WBT02/0091 Reflector of the Suns Rays, Citrine Monster Crystal World C
WBT02/0092 Shifting into High Gear Spell Crystal World C
WBT02/0093 Bringing Back the Spoils Spell Crystal World C
WBT02/0094 Nicely Paid Overtime Spell Crystal World C
WBT02/0095 Epic Hardhat Item Crystal World C
WBT02/0096 Light Glider, Mia Monster Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0097 Light Glider, Violet Monster Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0098 Light Glider, Sarah Monster Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0099 Light Glider, Marina Monster Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0100 Stop That Spell Now!! Spell Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0101 Light Slash Cloud Spell Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0102 Glow Slash Cloud Spell Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0103 Glowing Cloud Energy Spell Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0104 Shining Lightning Bolt Spell Light Gliding World C
WBT02/0105 Gundam 00-Quanta Monster Gundam World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Chicken World 10 14 2 2 28
Light Gliding World 15 11 2 0 28
Crystal World 2 1 29
Tachyon World 16 4 0 0 20
Gundam World 1 0 0 0 1
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