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The World Powers

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Release Date:

March 27, 2015

Previous Set:

Lords of Paradox Space

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 The World Powers is the 1st Wikia Trial Deck. This deck is after Lords of Paradox Space. It is the fanon equivalent to H Trial Decks.


  • A constructed deck with 51 cards.
  • Includes a Rulebook, a Playmat and a Life Counter.
  • Includes further support for Fandom World.
  • Includes a Promo Card of Kingdom World Flag

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Qty Rarity
WTD01/0001 Axis Power, Italy Monster Fandom World 3 1RR/2C
WTD01/0002 Axis Power, Germany Monster Fandom World 4
WTD01/0003 Axis Power, Japan Monster Fandom World 4
WTD01/0004 Allied Power, America Monster Fandom World 3
WTD01/0005 Allied Power, England Monster Fandom World 4
WTD01/0006 Allied Power, France Monster Fandom World 2
WTD01/0007 Monster Fandom World 3
WTD01/0008 Allied Power, Russia Monster Fandom World 2
WTD01/0009 Spell Fandom World
WTD01/0010 Spell Fandom World
WTD01/0011 Spell Fandom World
WTD01/0013 Spell Fandom World
WTD01/0013 Spell Fandom World
WTD01/0014 Spell Fandom World
WTD01/0015 White Flag Item Fandom World 2
WTD01/0016 Item Fandom World
WTD01/0017 Impact Fandom World
WTD01/0018 Fandom World (card) Flag Fandom World 1

Card Breakdown

Monster Spell Item Impact Flag Total
Number of Cards 8 6 2 1 1 18
Number of Copies 1 51