Wisdom World is based around wisdom.

The 2 attributes are: Guidance Leaders and Magical Diamond Angels.

Magical Diamond Angels are based around activating skills in weird ways.

Guidance Leaders are based around control.

Size 0s

Reality, Yyorix

Science, Huvunix

Wise Elixir Leader, Yorus

Size 1s

Angel of crystal light, Diamondo

Angel of Hyper Gem, Genesis

Darkness Wise, Nether

Earthen Wise, Flora

Guider that dreams, Desmond

Leader to wisdom, Martha

Light Wise, Angelo

Water Wise, Oceanus

Wind Wise, Gale

Wise Elixir Leader, Seres

Size 2s

Christmas Jewel River Winged Angel, Lux

Emerald mystical Angel, Vivi

Jewel star angel, Anix

Leader of wisdom, Gale

Leader that guides, Isara

Mastery, Funix

Spell Wiseman, Gaia


Wise Elixir Leader, Iris

Size 3s

Forgery, Zernix

Guidance leader of knowledge, Count Evnis


Beam Defense Act of Wise Angels

Brighten Heal

Buddy Wisdom

Final Break

Ocean of Shimmering Light

Refill the shimmer gauge

Reset the worlds light

Shimmer Heal

Shining Energy

Spell Breaking Blitz

Take Flight! Jewel Wings!

Wings of shining shards

Wisdom Guarding

Wisdom Shield

Wisdom Strength  

Wise Trick

Wisdom Weaken


Angels Ankh, Starfall Fountain

Angels Blade of Diamond, Shimmering Magical Blade of Wisdom

Angels Bow of Wisdom, Shimmering Shot of Knowledge

Angels Broad Sword, Radiance Cleave

Angels Enchanting Diamond Stave, Wand of Elixir Jewels

Angels Gun of Jewel, Magical Shot of Heaven

Angels Mace of Heroism, Dancing Diamond Knock

Angels Shield of Raining Magical Diamonds, Dexpertz

Angels Spear of Jewel, Magical Diamond Spear

Blaze Knowledge, Wisdom Breaker

Halo of Jewel Celestial

Halo of Magical Angel

Wise Sword, Break Knowledge

Wise Sword, Soar Knowledge

Wise Sword, Thorn Knowledge


Dead lights

Epoch Wisdom

Gleam Attack

Knowledge Cannon! Wisdom of fate!

Reign of the wise~!

Shimmering Downpour of Arrows

Victory of the Guidance Wisdom


Flag of Wisdom World

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