Wise Elixir Leader, Seres
Sleeve English Wise Elixir Leader, Seres
World Wisdom World
Card Type Monster
Size 1
Power / Critical / Defense 8000 / 1 / 8000
Attribute Guidance Leader

Lights soar in the midnight! Light up the fallen moon~


Call Cost Destroy 2 Spells with <<Set>> on your field, destroy 1 item on your field and pay 4 gauge. Auto "Orders of The Wise" You may not equip items nor set spells as long as this card is on the field. Act "Elixir: Fortune Gale" You may put a card on your field into the drop zone. If you do for this turn this card gets Triple Attack! Act "Healing: Mind Ocean" You may pay 2 gauge. If you do you gain 4 life! You may only use "Healing Mind Ocean" once per turn. Auto "Resign a future" This card cannot destroy the left and right monsters and, this card cannot be destroyed by size 2 or 0 monsters.

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