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"World Gift" (Japanese: ワールドギフト, Wārudo Gifuto) is an ability on flags to enhance the playstyle of the flag's corresponding world. There are 3 types of World Gifts.


When a flag is turned face-up at the game's beginning, or when a flag card is played, the player chooses 2 World Gift from the listed types, and gain them. Player may gain two gifts of the same type.



Force (Japanese: フォース Fōsu) is a balanced gift. It is placed onto one the existing monster areas, and player's owned monster placed on that area gets 5000 Power and 1 Critical.


Accel (Japanese: アクセル Akuseru) is an offensive World Gift. It allows the player to place one more monster on their field, and increase the overall size limit (from the current size limit of the player) by 1.


Protect (Japanese: プロテクト Purotekuto) is a defensive World Gift. It can be discarded at [Counter] timing to reduce damages by 3, or to prevent a monster from leaving the field.

List of Flags

Flag Gift #1 Gift #2
Star Dragon World Force Protect
Darkness Dragon World Force Accel
Danger World Force Accel
Ancient World Force Protect
Katana World Accel Protect
Magic World Accel Protect
Dungeon World Accel Protect
Legend World Accel Protect
Hero World Accel Protect
Searing Executioners Force Accel
Heavenly Guardians Force Protect

Three Gifts


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