These are all the canon worlds with cards created by the users on this wiki or Fanon worlds created by the users on this wiki.

List of Canon Worlds

  • [[::Category: Ancient World|Ancient World]]
  • [[::Category: Danger World|Danger World]]
  • [[::Category: Darkness Dragon World|Darkness Dragon World]]
  • [[::Category: Dragon World|Dragon World]]
  • [[::Category: Dungeon World|Dungeon World]]
  • [[::Category: Hero World|Hero World]]
  • [[::Category: Katana World|Katana World]]
  • [[::Category: Legend World|Legend World]]
  • Lost World
  • [[::Category: Magic World|Magic World]]
  • [[::Category: Star Dragon World|Star Dragon World]]
  • [[::Category: Generic|Generic]]

List of Fanon Worlds

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