Xros is an archetype of monsters with "Xros" in it's name, currently unique to Hero World. This archetype is an inspiration of Kamen Rider Build.


"Xros" consist of Brave Machines monsters, yet one Superhero monster.

Brave Machines are separate into two attributes; Organic and Inorganic. Organic monsters relies on offense and defense, while Inorganic gives support and gains more cost.

The main focus of Xros is with one Superhero monster, Chemist Hero, Xros. By transforming that monster, you can Transform two monsters on top of it. However, there's a condition; you must have a one Organic monster and Inorganic monster and must pay the Transform cost. (Organic are placed on the left and Inorganic are placed on the right, similar to Kamen Rider Build)

List of Xros cards


Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

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