Zephyr World's Flag

"Zephyr World" (ゼファーW(ワールド) Zefā Wārudo) is one of the playable worlds in Future Card Buddyfight. It is themed mainly around thunder, lightning and electrical properties. The card frame resembles yellow and blue lightning bolts.


Zephyr World revolves around controlling and limiting the opponent, while overpowering them with rushes of monsters. They mainly do this by either manipulating the size limit and bouncing cards back and forth from the hand.

Thunder Beast rushes the opponent by manipulating their own size to allow multiple strong monsters to be on the field at once and calling monsters from the hand.

Gale Dragons controls and limits the opponent by increasing the opponent's monster's size, making them go over the size limit. They also return the opponent's cards to their hand and will stop the opponent from calling monsters to certain areas altogether.



List of Zephyr World cards






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Size 1

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Impact Monsters

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