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Confirmed Cards

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
ZBT01/0001 Jester Mask Item Circus World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0002 Box of Wonders Item Circus World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0003 Waste of Space, Andrew Hussie Monster Fandom World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0004 Shipping Wall Spell Fandom World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0005 Jeff the killer Monster Horror World RRR
ZBT01/0006 Hollow Dragon, Skull Rain Monster Horror World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0007 Star Seeker Bishop, Saturn Ring Dragon Monster Sosa World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0008 Master of all Gifts, Firaga Monster Sosa World RRR+SP
ZBT01/0009 Magician's Apprentice, Issac Monster Circus World RR+SP
ZBT01/0010 Ice Juggler Monster Circus World RR+SP
ZBT01/0011 Mistress of the Fire Rings, Marie Monster Circus World RR
ZBT01/0012 Moirallegiance Spell Fandom World RR
ZBT01/0013 Sword of the Bionis, Monado Item Fandom World RR
ZBT01/0014 Ship Sinker Spell Fandom World RR
ZBT01/0015 Bloody chainsaw Monster Horror world RR
ZBT01/0016 Decaying Animatronic, Foxy Monster Horror World RR
ZBT01/0017 Hollow Guardian, Ruin Monster Horror World RR+SP
ZBT01/0018 Poison Witch, Petal Monster Sosa World RR+SP
ZBT01/0019 Atomic Laser, Shooting Star Item Sosa World RR
ZBT01/0020 Cursed Lands Spell Sosa World RR
ZBT01/0021 Soul Lantern Item Circus World R
ZBT01/0022 Swinging Trapezist, Lia Monster Circus World R
ZBT01/0023 Marvel Wand Item Circus World R
ZBT01/0024 Marvelous Trainer, Alia Monster Circus World R
ZBT01/0025 Third Act, Big Top of Terror Spell Circus World R
ZBT01/0026 Second Act, Climactic Actions Spell Circus World R
ZBT01/0027 Sealed Fighter, Miwa Monster Fandom World R
ZBT01/0028 Fanon Fangirl, Marie Monster Fandom World R
ZBT01/0029 Purrfect Shipper, Nepeta Monster Fandom World R
ZBT01/0030 Fandom Destroyer, Duke Monster Fandom World R
ZBT01/0031 Mechonic Warrior, Zeta Monster Fandom World R
ZBT01/0032 Captain Kota Monster Fandom World R
ZBT01/0033 Death Warden, Actor Knight "Hollow" Fool monster Horror World R
ZBT01/0034 BEN Drowned Monster Horror World R
ZBT01/0035 Hollow Archer Monster Horror World R
ZBT01/0036 Bonds of a Dark friendship Spell Horror World R
ZBT01/0037 Pirate Cove Spell Horror World R
ZBT01/0038 Clockwork Monster Horror World R
ZBT01/0039 Spirit from Another World, Marie Monster Sosa World R
ZBT01/0040 Extinction Bringer, Toofuron Monster Sosa World R
ZBT01/0041 Grand Curse Bringer, Witchastrophe Monster Sosa World R
ZBT01/0042 Cursed Trickery Spell Sosa World R
ZBT01/0043 Star Seeker, Shaman Shielder Monster Sosa World R
ZBT01/0044 Star Seeking Constellations Spells Sosa World R
ZBT01/0045 Soul Drain Spell Circus World U
ZBT01/0046 Heart and Soul Spell Circus World U
ZBT01/0047 First Act, Rising Performances Spell Circus World U
ZBT01/0048 Fire Juggler Monster Circus World U
ZBT01/0049 Spark Juggler Monster Circus World U
ZBT01/0050 Jack in The Box Spell Circus World U
ZBT01/0051 Ticket Checker, Rudolph Monster Circus World U
ZBT01/0052 Super Ultimate Hyper Mega Supreme Lordly Sword That is MINE!!! Item Fandom World U
ZBT01/0053 The Cuddly Hugger, David Monster Fandom World U
ZBT01/0054 Unstoppable Pervert, Joshua Monster Fandom World U
ZBT01/0055 Stud of all Studs, Fira-sama Monster Fandom World U
ZBT01/0056 Crystal, Elementress of Inhumans Monster Fandom World U
ZBT01/0057 Neo Bahamut Sabre Item Fandom World U
ZBT01/0058 Economics Spell Fandom World U
ZBT01/0059 Witch of Creation, Dynamic Hearty Monster Magic World U
ZBT01/0060 Witch of Mischief, Hearty Sabrinia Monster Magic World U
ZBT01/0061 Contract with the Devil Spell Horror World U
ZBT01/0062 Hollow Blazer Monster Horror World U
ZBT01/0063 Hoody Monster Horror World U
ZBT01/0064 Masky Monster Horror World U
ZBT01/0065 Laughing Jack Monster Horror World U
ZBT01/0066 Let the bodies hit the floor Impact Horror World U
ZBT01/0067 Eyeless Jack Monster Horror World U
ZBT01/0068 Star Seeker, Sovereign Slayer Monster Sosa World U
ZBT01/0069 Slashing Demon, Iforani Monster Sosa World U
ZBT01/0070 Curse Bringer, EnDoDaze Monster Sosa World U
ZBT01/0071 Eye of Shooting Star, Key of Destiny Impact Sosa World U
ZBT01/0072 Poison Dagger Item Sosa World U
ZBT01/0073 A Deal with Dark Forces Spell Sosa World U
ZBT01/0074 Reconnecting Spirits Spell Sosa World U
ZBT01/0075 Magician of the Ring, Delphos Monster Circus World C
ZBT01/0076 Dancing Trapezist, Olivia Monster Circus World C
ZBT01/0077 Static Trapezist, Michael Monster Circus World C
ZBT01/0078 Maiden of Tightrope Monster Circus World C
ZBT01/0079 Circus Animal Lion Monster Circus World C
ZBT01/0080 Devoted Fan! Spell Circus World C
ZBT01/0081 Fractured Soul Spell Circus World C
ZBT01/0082 Fandom World Ver. Danger Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0083 Fandom World Ver. Magic Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0084 Fandom World Ver. Tachyon Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0085 Fandom World Ver. Sosa Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0086 Fandom World Ver. Dragon Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0087 Fandom World Ver. Circus Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0088 Fandom World Ver. Horror Flag Fandom World C
ZBT01/0089 Death Maiden. Circe Monster Horror World C
ZBT01/0090 Death Maiden, Anna monster Horror world C
ZBT01/0091 Dark Mask Monster Horror World C
ZBT01/0092 Mask of Despair Spell Horror World C
ZBT01/0093 Jumpscare! Spell Horror World C
ZBT01/0094 Blood gain Spell Horror World C
ZBT01/0095 Hollow Beast Monster Horror World C
ZBT01/0096 Hollow Ghost Monster Horror World C
ZBT01/0097 Hollow Healer Monster Horror World C
ZBT01/0098 Spirit Sword Item Sosa World C
ZBT01/0099 Star Seeker Symbol Flag Spell Sosa World C
ZBT01/0100 Elegant Mistress, Okami Monster Sosa World C
ZBT01/0101 Road to the Stars Spell Sosa World C
ZBT01/0102 Spirit Summoner, Lydia Monster Sosa World C
ZBT01/0103 Star Seeker, Helios Lunar Monster Sosa World C
ZBT01/0104 Star Seeker, Destiny Impulsor Monster Sosa World C
ZBT01/0105 Aerial Assassin, Tachyon Phantom Monster Tachyon World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Tachyon World 1 0 0 0 1
Sosa World
Circus World
Fandom World
Horror World
Magic World 2 0 0 0 2