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ZBT02: Reality against Fantasy

Japanese Name:

リアリティー VS ファンタジー


Riaritī versasu Fantajī


Reality against Fantasy

Release Date:

January 31, 2014

Previous Set:

Calling of the Worlds

Next Set:

World Stage

"Reality against Fantasy" is the 2nd Booster Set released in both the Japanese and English formats. It is before Zpecial Booster Set 1: Calling of the Worlds


  • Contains 105 cards (1 BR/8 RRR/12 RR/24 R/30 UC/30 C) + 12 SP.
  • Includes further support for Tachyon World and Kingdom World.
  • Introduces Harumagedon World and Fantasy World cards.
  • Each booster contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely being R or greater.
  • Each English display includes a pack containing Flag cards for Tachyon World, Fantasy World, Harumagedon World, and Kingdom World

Confirmed Cards

  • Harumagedon Cards

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
ZBT02/0001 Phason Knights Leader, Original Model-UC Monster Tachyon World RRR+SP
ZBT02/0002 Phason Knight Replica, Shadow Labrys Monster Tachyon World RRR+SP
ZBT02/0003 Death The Kid Monster Fantasy World RRR+SP
ZBT02/0004 Magic Staff Item Fantasy World RRR
ZBT02/0005 Luminous Knight Spirit of the Fallen, William Monster Harumagedon World RRR+SP
ZBT02/0006 Shadow Knight Spirit of the Fallen, Harold Monster Harumagedon World RRR+SP
ZBT02/0007 XI. Marluxia (Final Form) Monster Kingdom World RRR
ZBT02/0008 Partner: Riku Monster Kingdom World RRR+SP
ZBT02/0009 Phason Knight, Psyco Monster Tachyon World RR
ZBT02/0010 Mechanic of Tachyon Machines, The Fixer Monster Tachyon World RR
ZBT02/0011 Phason Weapon, Labrys Axe Item Tachyon World RR+SP
ZBT02/0012 Twin Pistol, Liz Monster Fantasy World RR
ZBT02/0013 Twin Pistol, Patty Monster Fantasy World RR+SP
ZBT02/0014 The Greatest Party! Spell Fantasy World RR+SP
ZBT02/0015 XI. Marluxia (Second Form) Monster Kingdom World RR
ZBT02/0016 Way to the Dawn Item Kingdom World RR+SP
ZBT02/0017 Keyblade Spell: Cura Spell Kingdom World RR
ZBT02/0018 Shadow Knight General, Sigma Monster Harumagedon World RR
ZBT02/0019 Luminous Knight General, Omega Monster Harumagedon World RR
ZBT02/0020 Shadow Scythe Item Harumagedon World RR
ZBT02/0021 Phason Knight, Victory Monster Tachyon World R
ZBT02/0022 Phason Knight, Hi-Nu Monster Tachyon World R
ZBT02/0023 Phason Knight, Crossbone 2 Monster Tachyon World R
ZBT02/0024 Tachyon Phantom "Skyshine" Monster Tachyon World R
ZBT02/0025 Tachyon Knight ``Necromancer`` Monster Tachyon World R
ZBT02/0026 Phason Weapon, Nazca Lancer Item Tachyon World R
ZBT02/0027 Wizard in Training, Rachel Monster Fantasy World R
ZBT02/0028 Legendary Warrior, Tasuku Monster Fantasy World R
ZBT02/0029 Item Gift Spell Fantasy World R
ZBT02/0030 Mistletoe Spell Fantasy World R
ZBT02/0031 Cursed Blade of Darkness Item Fantasy World R
ZBT02/0032 Sonic Diver, Bachstelze Item Fantasy World R
ZBT02/0033 Shadow Knight General, Beta Monster Harumagedon World R
ZBT02/0034 Luminous Knight General, Gamma Monster Harumagedon World R
ZBT02/0035 Luminous Knight General, Theta Monster Harumagedon World R
ZBT02/0036 Shadow Knight General, Alpha Monster Harumagedon World R
ZBT02/0037 Luminous Shadow Knight, Epsilon Brave Monster Harumagedon World R+SP
ZBT02/0038 The final battle! Impact Harumagedon World R
ZBT02/0039 XI. Marluxia (First Form) Monster Kingdom World R
ZBT02/0040 XIII. Roxas Monster Kingdom World R+SP
ZBT02/0041 XII. Larxene Monster Kingdom World R
ZBT02/0042 Jungle King Item Kingdom World R
ZBT02/0043 Keyblade Spell: Fira Spell Kingdom World R
ZBT02/0044 Keyblade Spell: Blizzara Spell Kingdom World R
ZBT02/0045 Tachyon Papillon Monster Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0046 Phason Knight, Crossbone Monster Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0047 Phason Knight, Zeta Monster Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0048 Phason Knight, Unicorn Monster Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0049 Tachyonblade, Joy Item Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0050 Tachyonblade, Love Item Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0051 Tachyonblade, Rage Item Tachyon World UC
ZBT02/0052 VIII. Axel Monster Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0053 The Key of Destiny, Roxas Monster Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0054 Great Spell, Reload Spell Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0055 Engage The Enemy Spell Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0056 Wishing Star Item Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0057 Olympia Item Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0058 Three Wishes Item Kingdom World UC
ZBT02/0059 Luminous Knight Scout, Nu Monster Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0060 Revival of the Fallen Spell Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0061 Shadow Shield Spell Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0062 Let's win the battle! Spell Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0063 Radiant Lucian Spear Item Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0064 Death Dagger Item Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0065 Super Shining Spear Item Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0066 Super Shadow Spear Item Harumagedon World UC
ZBT02/0067 Soul Eater Monster Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0068 Scythe Meister, Maka Monster Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0069 Witch, Angela Monster Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0070 Master Swordsman, Mifune Monster Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0071 Tsubaki, Smoke Bomb Mode Item Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0072 Tsubaki, Kusarigama Mode Item Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0073 Thunder Charge! Spell Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0074 Soul Perception Spell Fantasy World UC
ZBT02/0075 Phason Knight, F91 Monster Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0076 Tachyon Dragon Spawn Monster Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0077 Skylight Sabre Item Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0078 Darkfire Gladius Item Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0079 Phason Weapon, Warbringer Cannon Item Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0080 Power for Power Spell Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0081 Phase Out Spell Tachyon World C
ZBT02/0082 Nobody: Samurai Monster Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0083 Nobody: Creeper Monster Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0084 Nobody: Dusk Monster Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0085 Nobody: Assassin Monster Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0086 Empty Shell Spell Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0087 Keyblade Spell: Poison Spell Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0088 Keyblade Spell: Blizzard Spell Kingdom World C
ZBT02/0089 Shadow Knight General, Eta Monster Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0090 Luminous Knight General, Delta Monster Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0091 Lying Dark Knight, Davide Monster Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0092 Shadows VS Light Impact Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0093 Gargantua Finisher!! Impact Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0094 Supreme Shadow Sword Item Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0095 Luminous Lance Item Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0096 Shadow Sickle Item Harumagedon World C
ZBT02/0097 Halberd, Tsugumi Monster Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0098 Reckless Ninja, Black Star! Monster Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0099 Drunk Boxer, Meme Monster Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0100 Royal Princess, Anya Monster Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0101 Starter Knife Item Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0102 Tsubaki, Ninja Blade Mode Item Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0103 Shield Star Spell Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0104 Trap Star Spell Fantasy World C
ZBT02/0105 Mega Pop Idol, Miku Monster Diva World BR

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Total
Kingdom World
Tachyon World
Fantasy World
Harumagedon World 13 3 8 3 27
Diva World 1 0 0 0 1